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Créatrice de mode : 100 tenues de rêve à colorier PDF Books

Créatrice de mode : 100 tenues de rêve à colorier

Ce carnet de coloriage chic et tendance met en scene plus de cent-cinquante pieces de mode de reve. Il y en a pour tous les gouts : de jolis mannequins offrent aux creatrices de mode en herbe la possibilite de dessiner des vetements, des tenues, des sacs,

L'exode 10 mai-20 juin 1940. PDF Books

L'exode 10 mai-20 juin 1940.

R240040864. L'EXODE - 10 MAI - 20 JUIN 1940.. 2004. In-8. Relié. Bon état, Couv. convenable, Dos satisfaisant, Intérieur frais. 449 pages.. Avec Jaquette. . . Classification Dewey : 840-Littératures des langues romanes. Littérature française

The Artist As Culture Producer: Living and Sustaining a Creative Life PDF Books

The Artist As Culture Producer: Living and Sustaining a Creative Life

When Living and Sustaining a Creative Life was published in 2013, it became an immediate sensation. Edited by Sharon Louden, the book brought together forty essays by working artists, each sharing their own story of how to sustain a creative practice that contributes to the ongoing dialogue in contemporary art. The book struck a nerve--how do artists really make it in the world today? Louden took the book on a sixty-two-stop book tour, selling thousands of copies, and building a movement along the way.

Now, Louden returns with a sequel: forty more essays from artists who have successfully expanded their practice beyond the studio and become change agents in their communities. There is a misconception that artists are invisible and hidden, but the essays here demonstrate the truth--artists make a measurable and innovative economic impact in the non-profit sector, in education, and in corporate environments. The Artist as Culture Producer illustrates how today's contemporary artists add to creative economies through out-of-the-box thinking while also generously contributing to the well-being of others.

By turns humorous, heartbreaking, and instructive, the testimonies of these forty diverse working artists will inspire and encourage every reader--from the art student to the established artist. With a foreword by Hyperallergic cofounder and editor-in-chief Hrag Vartanian, The Artist as Culture Producer is set to make an indelible mark on the art world--redefining how we see and support contemporary artists.

Louden's worldwide book tour begins in March 2017. More information and tour dates can be found online at www.livesustain.org.

Mettiamo a posto! Le mie prime storie Montessori PDF Books

Mettiamo a posto! Le mie prime storie Montessori

Mettiamo a posto! Le mie prime storie Montessori a été écrit par Array qui connu comme un auteur et ont écrit beaucoup de livres intéressants avec une grande narration. Mettiamo a posto! Le mie prime storie Montessori a été l'un des livres de populer sur 2019. Il contient 32 pages. Ce livre a été très surpris en raison de sa note top et a obtenu environ best avis des utilisateurs. Donc, après avoir terminé la lecture de ce livre, je recommande aux lecteurs de ne pas sous-estimer ce grand livre. Vous devez prendre Mettiamo a posto! Le mie prime storie Montessori que votre liste de lecture ou vous serez regretter parce que vous ne l'avez pas lu encore dans votre vie.

Thorgal : L'Intégrale, tome 1 PDF Books

Thorgal : L'Intégrale, tome 1

Sous une couverture de Rosinski, ce volume rassemble les quatre premiers episodes de la serie Thorgal realises entre 1977 et 1981. Avec plus de sept millions d'albums vendus sur le marche francophone, Thorgal est le premier succes du scenariste Jean Van Hamme, soutenu ici par le trait puissant et l'imaginaire tres fecond de Grzegorz Rosinski. Apparue dans les pages du journal Tintin dont elle fit les beaux jours, cette serie mele tour a tour la science-fiction, le fantastique, la mythologie, l'epouvante et meme le western, engendrant ainsi un nouvel univers presque a chaque episode. Orphelin recueilli par des Vikings, Thorgal se decouvrira descendant du "Peuple des Etoiles". N'aspirant qu'a la tranquillite d'une vie de famille, il lui faudra pourtant user sans cesse de son courage et de son intelligence pour s'opposer a la colere des dieux, a la folie des hommes et aux desirs des autres femmes...

Unforgettable PDF Books



Working for a therapist who specializes in exploring hidden desires may sound like a dream job. It is if hearing other people's fantasies come to life is your cup of tea. The truth is that I'm tired of hearing about other people. I want to experience what I've only imagined.

That's where Lace and Leather comes in.

A falsified referral and I'm in the door. One visit is all I want.


Sometimes plans change and life throws curveballs. It's at times like that when we must force ourselves to move forward and take life a day at a time.

I did that.

Now I believe I'm ready for more.

To find out if the desires I once possessed still exist, I make the decision to return to a place where anything is possible, Lace and Leather. One visit is all I want.

What happens when one visit turns unforgettable?

From New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes another of her steamy novellas exploring hidden desires. UNFORGETTABLE is a stand-alone story in the INDULGENCE series. Stories may be read in any order.

*Warning: reading may set your e-reader on fire while bringing a smile to your face.

Have you been Aleatha'd?

Pcb Design for Real-World Emi Control PDF Books

Pcb Design for Real-World Emi Control

Proper design of printed circuit boards can make the difference between a product passing emissions requirements during the first cycle or not. Traditional EMC design practices have been simply rule-based, that is, a list of rules-of-thumb are presented to the board designers to implement. When a particular rule-of-thumb is difficult to implement, it is often ignored. After the product is built, it will often fail emission requirements and various time consuming and costly add-ons are then required. Proper EMC design does not require advanced degrees from universities, nor does it require strenuous mathematics. It does require a basic understanding of the underlying principles of the potential causes of EMC emissions. With this basic understanding, circuit board designers can make trade-off decisions during the design phase to ensure optimum EMC design. Consideration of these potential sources will allow the design to pass the emissions requirements the first time in the test laboratory. A number of other books have been published on EMC. Most are general books on EMC and do not focus on printed circuit board is intended to help EMC engineers and design design. This book engineers understand the potential sources of emissions and how to reduce, control, or eliminate these sources. This book is intended to be a 'hands-on' book, that is, designers should be able to apply the concepts in this book directly to their designs in the real-world.

La Guerre des Lulus (Tome 1) - 1914, la maison PDF Books

La Guerre des Lulus (Tome 1) - 1914, la maison

Lucas, Lucien, Luigi et Ludwig sont quatre des pensionnaires de l’orphelinat de l’abbaye de Valencourt en Picardie. Tout le monde les surnomme les Lulus. En cet été 1914, lorsque l’instituteur est appelé comme tant d’autres sous les drapeaux, personne n’imagine que c’est pour très longtemps. Et les Lulus ne se figurent évidemment pas une seconde que la guerre va déferler sur le monde finalement rassurant qu’ils connaissent. Bientôt, le fracas de l’artillerie résonne dans le ciel d’été. Il faut partir, vite. Mais lorsque la troupe évacue l’abbaye manu militari,les Lulus, qui ont une fois de plus fait le mur, manquent à l’appel. Sans l’avoir voulu, ils se retrouvent soudain à l’arrière des lignes allemandes.

Retirement: A Guide For Social Security: Empower Yourself To Make The Best Decisions (English Edition) PDF Books

Retirement: A Guide For Social Security: Empower Yourself To Make The Best Decisions (English Edition)

On Monday, November 2, 2015, President Obama signed into law the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015. This budget act has made changes to Social Security and Medicare. This book has been updated with the information.
Baby Boomers, born from 1945 to 1964, are now coming of age to apply for Social Security. It is imperative that they start the process early and be well informed. For some this will be their income for the rest of their life and will also affect them and their family financially. This guide provides important information needed to make decisions concerning their future. The following will be found in the guide, plus much more:

• When to apply for Social Security
• Best age to retire
• Where to apply
• How retirement will affect your family
• Retirement benefits when divorced or widowed
• When and how to apply for Medicare
• What is covered and the cost of Medicare
• Taxes
• Important information that must be reported to Social Security
• The appeal process if you disagree with Social Security decision
• If you move out of the United States
• Important contact information

Relatives and friends should read this book so they will have the knowledge to support and share with their loved ones. Readers will be able to access this essential guide on their phone by downloading the free Kindle app.

Updated information will be added in the upcoming years if Social Security makes changes.

Histoire 1re éd. 2011 - Manuel de l'élève PDF Books

Histoire 1re éd. 2011 - Manuel de l'élève

Une structure simple cours/etudes 
• Un cours illustre, permettant d’introduire ou d’elargir les etudes selon le choix de l’enseignant. 
• Un choix d’etudes variees et problematisees pour incarner les hommes et femmes, les lieux, les evenements qui ont fait l’Histoire du XXe siecle. 

Des outils d’apprentissage et de revision pour l’eleve 
• Des activites et des rubriques specifiques au cœur des chapitres. 
• Des methodes et des conseils dans les pages << Vers le Bac >>. 
• Une double page << Reviser >>. 

+ Des pages << Histoire des arts >> qui proposent d’etudier une œuvre en associant esthetisme et histoire. 


Perfect Girl (Italian Edition) PDF Books

Perfect Girl (Italian Edition)

Autrice della serie bestseller That Boy
Keatyn ha deciso di non perdere più tempo dietro alle sciocchezze ed è fermamente decisa a capire chi, tra i ragazzi nella nuova scuola, meriti davvero il suo cuore. I baci travolgenti di uno di loro, per esempio, potrebbero essere un buon indizio... e con l’avvicinarsi del ballo della scuola, di sicuro ci saranno delle sorprese. Inoltre sono moltissime le novità in arrivo: feste esclusive, viaggi e shopping sfrenato. Ma Keatyn sa bene che non tutto è perfetto come sembra. Qualcuno che le è molto vicino, infatti, ha dei segreti. E Keatyn, a sua volta, non è ancora del tutto sicura di poter rivelare la verità sul suo passato agli amici. Per ora si limita a fingere di essere una ragazza normale, come se il suo stalker non fosse mai esistito e il pericolo di un suo ritorno fosse solo un’eventualità remota. Ma dentro di lei sa bene che tornerà a tormentarla. E, questa volta, potrebbe essere l’ultima.
Perfetto per i fan di Gossip Girl e Pretty Little Liars
Un’autrice bestseller di USA Today

«Nessuna autrice sa rendere i personaggi maschili così sexy come Jillian Dodd.»
«Preparatevi a tornare ai tempi del liceo tra drammi, cotte, feste scatenate e classifiche di popolarità.»
«Un avviso prima di iniziare questo libro: procuratevi del ghiaccio o un ventilatore!»

Jillian Dodd

è autrice bestseller di «USA Today». È cresciuta in una fattoria nel Nebraska e attualmente vive in Florida. La Newton Compton ha pubblicato la serie That Boy e Perfect boy, il primo capitolo della nuova Keatyn Series, di cui Perfect Girl è il seguito.

The Laws of Medicine: Field Notes from an Uncertain Science PDF Books

The Laws of Medicine: Field Notes from an Uncertain Science

Essential, required reading for doctors and patients alike: A Pulitzer Prize-winning author and one of the world’s premiere cancer researchers reveals an urgent philosophy on the little-known principles that govern medicine—and how understanding these principles can empower us all.

Over a decade ago, when Siddhartha Mukherjee was a young, exhausted, and isolated medical resident, he discovered a book that would forever change the way he understood the medical profession. The book, The Youngest Science, forced Dr. Mukherjee to ask himself an urgent, fundamental question: Is medicine a “science”? Sciences must have laws—statements of truth based on repeated experiments that describe some universal attribute of nature. But does medicine have laws like other sciences?

Dr. Mukherjee has spent his career pondering this question—a question that would ultimately produce some of most serious thinking he would do around the tenets of his discipline—culminating in The Laws of Medicine. In this important treatise, he investigates the most perplexing and illuminating cases of his career that ultimately led him to identify the three key principles that govern medicine.

Brimming with fascinating historical details and modern medical wonders, this important book is a fascinating glimpse into the struggles and Eureka! moments that people outside of the medical profession rarely see. Written with Dr. Mukherjee’s signature eloquence and passionate prose, The Laws of Medicine is a critical read, not just for those in the medical profession, but for everyone who is moved to better understand how their health and well-being is being treated. Ultimately, this book lays the groundwork for a new way of understanding medicine, now and into the future.

Objectif Bac - Fiches détachables - Philosophie Tles L,ES,S PDF Books

Objectif Bac - Fiches détachables - Philosophie Tles L,ES,S

Des blocs de fiches detachables au format poche pour une revision pratique et efficace du Bac

  • Un fonctionnement tres simple pour retenir l'essentiel avant l'examen et reviser efficacement tout le programme : 1 fiche recto-verso = 1 point cle du programme.
  • En Lettres, sciences humaines et SVT, chaque fiche propose un resume de cours tres structure, suivi de tests rapides pour une auto-evaluation instantanee. En Maths et Physique-Chimie, un rappel de cours et des exercices incontournables du Bac suivis de leurs corriges detailles.
  • Tres pratiques, les fiches, detachables et perforees, peuvent etre apportees partout pour reviser a tout moment.

Les points forts de la nouvelle edition :

  • Les textes ont ete reecrits dans un style clair et direct, avec une redaction plus condensee et mieux structuree des notions a savoir, pour en faciliter la memorisation;
  • Une nouvelle maquette, plus claire et coloree;
  • De nombreuses aides a la revision : un descriptif detaille de l'epreuve (deroulement, coeffs, etc.) et de nombreux conseils methodologiques; un rappel au verso de chaque fiche des notions cles a avoir en tete le jour J (rubrique "Memento notions cles"); un systeme d'encoches; permettant de noter ou l'on en est dans son parcours de revision en Lettres, sciences humaines et SVT, un lexique complet des mots difficiles et un index; en Maths et Physique-chimie, des formulaires.